Once a pond a time there was a man that had a hat for every day. He wore a hat to work, he wore a hat to school, he even wore a hat to bed. It was said that he always wear a hat so no one can take his knowledge away. Someone asked him one day why do you have so many hats? The man answered I buy a hat  after every completion of reading a book. He was often seen wearing small hats, tall hats, fat hats, and skinny hats. Each hat was black and unique in shape. Some of the hats represented something he learned or read in a book.

One day the man of many hats came across a quote that said “It is not for us to die with the knowledge we obtain but to spread and educate the less educated for this is the key of the future”. The man realized at that moment that he possibly handicapped the people around him. The man of many hats was never seen again. But, It has been told that  the man has taken off his hats to educate.