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Care Service

Cotte D’Armes offers Care Concierge service to all online orders. Care Concierge is an exclusive service that cares for your purchase through  educating and repairs of your products. The care of each garment will be determined by our care team which will review, approve, or disapprove each request. This service will help our customers enjoy their purchases longer with a luxury customer service experience. 


How It Works

To put in a request for Care Concierge Service you have to be a customer. As a customer you have the privilege to request care service by simply completing a request form which is located below. Once requested the care team could contact the customer for additional information like images of garment(s) or even  request the garment(s) in for review to properly assess the damage. Once reviewed the care team will contact you with costs, timeline, and repair details. Please keep in mind only garments that is repairable by Cotte D’Armes standards will be approved by our care team. Our team through Care Concierge will educate and answer all questions on how to care for your purchase. Please give our team forty eight (48) hours to respond to your request.

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