Clarence Ruth was inspired by 15 year old American Italian dancer Morgan Clarke’s spirit of dance. Ruth draws he’s core inspiration from the emotion, movement, positions, and language of Clarke’s body while in dance.  Clarke specializes in ballet, contemporary, modern, and jazz dance styles. In which she often mix. The graceful movement of Clarke sparked a capsule collection in which Ruth calls the Spirit Of Dance. 

The mindset behind the collection is to show the movement and versatility of denim and to spark a think outside the box mindset within people. In doing this Ruth hopes to open the eyes and minds of people during every day life. What was created for one thing can be used for another. Denim is often put in a box. When people think of denim they often think denim jeans, denim jackets, and maybe shirts. It has been Ruth’s mission to inspire change through clothing particularly in denim fabrication.